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 Spawn (bio not finished)

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PostSubject: Spawn (bio not finished)   Tue Mar 15, 2011 4:36 pm

Name: Spawn
Race: Anzat
Age: 250
Height: 6'9
Weight: 260 lbd
Gender Male
Personality Extremely ruthless. Has little feeling about others, his only purpose being to serve the Sith Empire. Honor is a very important part of life to him, but only in his 'personal' life. On the battlefield he his a fiend who gives no dammn how many die to accomplish the Sith Empire's goals. A brilliant tactioner he is also an extreme practictioner of the lightsaber arts. Having practiced his arts for centuries he can only be eclipsed by someone with more talent than he has. Revan was the last one, but there is no Revan now.


See avatar. (i'll eventually put a pic here)

Birth place: Courascant
Weapons: Lightsaber (Dual Phase, has a folding stock built into the handle, Red), Sith Katana,

- Sith Master
- Sith Blademaster
- Character Rank V

Special Skills (on a scale of 1 - 5)

Lightsaber Skills

Shii-Cho: 5
Makashi: 3
Soresu: N/A
Ataru: 4
Shien / Djem So: 5
>>Sub-form Backhanded: 5
Niman: 4
>>Sub-form Jar-kai, or Dual Wield: 5
Juyo: 5
Double Bladed Combat: 3

Force Powers:

Morichro: Breathe in any environment.
Force Stealth: Disguises your face.(2)
-->Trained Stealth: Disguises your body and removes Force presence. (3)
---->Palpatine's Cloak: Allows your Force sensitivity to be concealed regardless to sense abilities, cannot be penetrated unless you use the Force. (5)
Force Barrier: Protects yourself for 3-5 seconds from attacks.
-->Trained Force Barrier: Protects yourself for 5-10 seconds from attacks. (2)
---->Proficient Force Barrier: A small protective bubble surrounds a group for 20-30 seconds. (4)
Ionize: Overload the electronic systems and disable one droid. Cannot be used on ships. (2)
-->Trained Ionize: Overload the electronic systems and disable up to three droids. Requires more time for larger machines. Cannot be used on ships larger than starfighters. (4)
---->Proficient Ionize: Overload the electronic systems and disable up to five droids. Requires more time for larger machines. Cannot be used on ships larger than starfighters. (5)
Force Heal: Can heal yourself from basic injuries or go into a healing trance.
-->Trained Heal: Can heal others from basic injuries or put them into a healing trance. (2)
---->Proficient Heal: Can heal self and others from serious injuries. (4)
Fury: Places you in a fury that increases your attack strength at a small expense to your defense.
Battlemind: Increases your combat prowess, focus, and stamina. (2)
-->Trained Battlemind: Increases your defense against Force-based attacks. (3)
Attuned: Increases the effectiveness of Force Heal.
Force Enlightenment: Enhances one of your own Force abilities.

Force Attunement: 2



Jake was born on Courascant in a small orphanage run by two people; a man and a woman. The child was unwanted as was person who brought him there. Dressed in black army fatigues with a gun strapped to his back, the man forced the couple at gunpoint to take the child and raise him. A small amount of money would be deposited in the couple's accounts every month to keep the child; and if they tried to get rid of the child, the man would know and there would be trouble for the couple.

Not knowing how to argue with a man who looked like he could use the gun pointed at them, but unwanting the child anyways, the couple took the child in. They never saw the man dressed in black, but a small amount of money was deposited in their account every month as he had said. After a while, they started to speculate on who that man was? Was he a cop? Was he a veteran of the army?

No one knew, but in fact he was a mandalorian and ex-veteran of their army who now dealt with criminals, a mercenary, a guardian if you will of the shipments and convoys carrying weapons, drugs and other unsavory things through the streets of courascant.

After coming to courascant with his 'bosses' the man had taken a rather liking to the adult clubs and frequented them almost every night. This was in fact, how Jake was born. Dismayed when the girl brought the baby to him, the man initially turned her away, telling her to raise it herself. The girl eventually won him over however,and the man brought him to an orphanage.

Because Jake was brought to the orphanage in a rather offhanded manner, the couple who raised him never thought to register him as a person. For all intents and purposes, he had never been born, and therefore was never tested for force sensitivity at birth.


Jake's upbringing was a strict, harsh existence. It was as if the couple raising him had taken personal offense at being held at gunpoint and forced to take this baby; and since they couldn't take their anger out on the man responsible they took it out on his baby. Jake was subject to daily whippings 'to develop character' and for the large part of his life was ignored. By other children, by his 'parents' and by the visitors that came by to look at adopting. This led to Jake being rather introverted at times, which didn't help his position with the other children. Whenever another child tried to play with him he pushed them away for fear of embarrassing himself by not knowing how to react to them. As a result the children sometimes got angry at him and started a fight. Invariably Jake and his opponent always ended up being rather bloody and ending up that the other child eventually came back for more.

To combat this; Jake began learning how to fight more efficiently. The whole concept swept him up like a hurricane, and whenever he wasn't being punished by his parents or working, Jake would spend time in his little corner of the orphanage and practice punching the wall, kneeing it or even kicking it. He soon learned that while the walls would not budge and more often than not Jake ended up bloodying his knuckles; it seemed to take away from his stress and anger and also proved quite useful when a child tried to start a fight with him.

The only thing Jake seemed to be interested in was the visitors. Each one was a chance at salvation; from eking out a miserable existence in the orphanage. But each time one came, Jake always managed to screw the visit up at some point. He would knock something over and be thought as clumsy; he would make a sarcastic mark and be thought of as rude. But it was the last visit before Jake went away that always made him wonder. During a visit, Jake had flooded some of the orphanage, without knowing how he done it. Having been sitting down for the meeting with the potential new parent for over an hour and a half, Jake had long since gotten quite bored, and it seemed the only thing he could think of was how thirsty he was. Staring at the tap fixedly as if he was trying to turn it on, the unexpected had happened. The tap had suddenly burst, water flowing everywhere and drenching half the people in the room. So surprised was Jake that he nearly fell of his chair in amazement; and for the rest of the day was only able to concentrate on one thing. How had he done that? He was sure it had been him, because for a child of 5, the whole world revolved around him, and he had most certainly caused it; there was not a doubt in his mind.


It wasn't long after that a new visitor came to visit Jake, a tall man with a mustache; who seemed to have a calm aura around him; or at least, that was how Jake saw him. The visit was pleasant enough, and the visitor actually seemed to take an actual interest in what he was saying, unlike most of the other people who came to visit him. It was at the end of the visit, however that Jake was first startled and felt as if maybe something had gone wrong.

The man had asked Jake if he had done anything un-usual lately. Have something happen to him around him that shouldn't have or some such thing; and Jake had froze. He wasn't sure if he should tell the man about the incident with the sink or not. The man seemed so calm though, so trusting, that it almost seemed as if Jake couldn't withold the information.

After Jake had explained what had happened, the man had sat back in his chair; obviously thinking hard. After several moments of rather uncomfortable silence that made Jake squirm; the man stood up and turned to the owners of the orphanage, stating that he would be taking the boy with him when he left.

Jake was overjoyed at the thought that he could finally escape this place.

Jake was immensely curious about who this new visitor was and why he had taken him, but was also worried that this was all a dream and by saying anything the stranger would realize his mistake and take Jake back to the orphanage. Nothing happened however until Jake and the man got back to his 'apartment'. The man explained to a frightened Jake that he was a Jedi, and from now on he would be training a huge temple with other Jedi. Jake didn't really understand this, so he just went along with the Jedi since he already knew that he didn't want to go back to the orphanage.

When they got to the 'temple' Jake was brought before a gathering of different species who talked funny and asked to do weird stuff that took a lot of thinking. He wasn't really sure how he did it, but it felt funny, like it had when he caused the tap to burst.

After the 'tests' Jake was returned to waiting outside the room for when the 'council' made it's decision as to whether or not he could be allowed to join the 'order'. Still mightily confused by this, Jake was relieved when his new 'mentor' (the man who had picked him up from the Orphanage) explained about what the Jedi was. He said a lot of things about them that Jake didn't really understand, but what stuck in his head was that he said the Jedi's were guardians of the peace and worked for the greater good. This really made Jake go WOW because he had never had any contact with someone who was well, good, and nice to him. He kept on being frightened that this really was some dream, because he was being treated nicely by all the people around him, even though he had gotten bored during the tests, made some jokes and fidgeted. Even one of the people had laughed at one his jokes, and that still made his head go WOW.

When Jake shyly asked the man who was with him if that was the case, the man told Jake that if he passed the tests with which he had taken, he would stay in this place and train to be a Jedi. Happier than he had ever been before, Jake could barely contain his excitement and having to wait for the councils decision. After some time, a man came from the council and told Jake that he had passed the tests, and that he would come with him to his quarters, and begin his training tomorrow.

There was one thing though, that the masters weren't sure about. When first coming to the temple, they had found that he was of Anzati descent and weren't sure that he could be taken on as a Jedi, but because it was obvious that he did not know what he was, they thought that perhaps as he grew older he would not grow up to be like an Anzati under the guidance of the Jedi.

After a night of wondering what this training could be like, Jake was woken up early in the morning, and met with a master who took him to where he would begin training. Once he stepped into the room, Jake glanced around nervously at the other younglings, as he had heard he was called by the masters, but tried his best to keep his attention focused on the master at the front of the room, who was speaking about a topic interesting to Jake, Jedi. Jake listened to the Jedi with a vast amount of attention, learning all about the Jedi, or at least, all that he could for one day. It was in this manner that for the first years of Jake's new life at the Jedi Temple, he was trained. His classes were always in a group, and there was always a master at the front of the room, teaching them, guiding them and keeping an eye on them.


His classes consisted of learning academic subjects like math, literature and history, but they also taught him how to control the force, and trained his body, to assist in using the force. Jake was seen as a dedicated, hardworking student who was slightly more competitive then necessary, but who also was seen as a gifted or even a prodigy by some masters within the order. It was considered that with the right training, he could even help the Jedi considerably in the future. Because of his dedication and hard work, Jake liked the praise of the masters for it whenever he heard it, and liked to be recognized as a hard working individual.

He had never been so dedicated to anything in his life. He had always had goals, the main one being to get out of the orphanage, but now that was here, and what would he do now that his goal had been realized? When Jake wasn't training (which took up most of his spare time) he was thinking about what he wanted to do once he graduated from being a Youngling. It wasn't a matter of if, it was a matter of when. That was the the main reason Jake trained so hard. He told himself that a master would be more likely to take on an apprentice if that apprentice was dedicated and hardworking, right?

At the age of 10, Jake was appropriately advanced in his studies compared to the other students. Because of his hard work, he had been allowed to take up an extra class in the Jedi Temple in addition to lightsaber and force training; he was allowed to do unarmed training as well, to complement his self defense training. This type of training fit Jake very well. It was perfect for him in his mind because it took hard work and determination to put his body into the kind of maneuvers that an unarmed specialist needed to be able to do without the force. The unarmed training came naturally to him, his frame was filling out well and he had slightly better reflexes then some of the other species at the temple.

Jake also excelled at lightaber training as he was determined to practice until his body and mind just wouldn't or couldn't take any more. He practiced the positions of Form I every night and tried his best to beat anyone he faced during practice sparring. He took every challenge head on won more than he lost, but he always had a kind work to say to his opponent whether he won or lost. He had very few real 'friends' and he was lonely at times, but he told himself to just work harder and people would be attracted to him, right?


Jake's theory eventually proved right, in a way. Approaching his 12th birthday, the 'competition' between the Youngling's to find a master was becoming even more competetive than it already had been. The masters, instead of halting any potential trouble seemed to encourage it. The Younglings trained as much as they could outside of their classes and some were even seen as extroardinarily gifted. There were many of these as Jake knew, even 30 or more of them. Jake was however, not one of these extraordinary gifted students. Oh sure, he was gifted and was quite powerful for an almost 12 year old, but he wasn't much compared to these other students. As one of these gifted students, Chysll Aronze pointed out to him during a class, he just 'wasn't good enough'. Jake had to admit that as the only gifted student he had in his classes, Chysll was seemingly eons ahead of the other Younglings. He moved like a swan and had supposedly already been as Apprentice to a master of Makashi. Chysll always seemed to look down at the other students as much as they looked up to him, which Jake didn't always find endearing towards his good nature. Any time Jake sought to show Chysll just how dammn annoying this was, he was thoroughly trounced by him, usually followed by a bout of swearing that he would someday surpass Chysll and that he would trounce Chysll.

It wasn't just him too, some of the other students agreed that Chysll's attitude towards them wasn't very Jedi-ish. Most of them wanted to be the one to 'help him see the error of his ways' but they all agreed that if anyone could do so, it would be Jake. Jake was usually extremely frustrated after a bout with Chysll (hence the oath-taking), so he asked this particular group of students to duel with him every day after they had dinner. He proposed that if they did so, he would get stronger and so would they. Only 10 of them actually agreed, but Jake knew that would be enough to keep him busy for the night. He knew that if he did want to become stronger than Chysll, he would have to be able to crush these 10 all at the same time. So every day they went to the temple training rooms and sparred with training sabers. At first it would be 1 on 1 battles, and Jake realised at the end of the day he would need more stamina to take on a makashi user, otherwise the makashi user would simply wait for him to tire himself out. He needed something to overpower Chysll as well. Something creative and unorthodox to throw Chysll off his game and also powerful to negate Makashi. So to find these things out, Jake went to the archives. He had never been there before, but he had heard from others that the archives were huge and contained information on every planet in the universe to every team in every sport. Here, Jake hoped to find information on any lightsaber forms that could help beat Makashi; and he did find something. Numbers. But that was not exactly kosher to someone who wanted to beat Chysll in a mano a mano duel. Especially because Jake wanted to prove that he could beat him without or without anyone elses help. So Jake decided to (eventually) maybe wield a katana for a faster more agressive style of attack. With use of Ataru and Djem So, Jake hoped he could overcome Chysyll. To this end Jake brought along a datapad on his excursion to the archives and downloaded any information on lightsabers he could find, including, surprisingly enough a manual on how to build a lightsaber (or at least components and the general idea). It was far to much to read all at once, so Jake brought it back to his quarters where he would study them later. Of course as a child/teenager, his mind quickly changed over what sort of weapon he would use, before he realised that perhaps he should ask someone. When he did though, he didn't get much of an answer, and his hopes of wielding a chainsaw lightsaber vanished before his eyes. No, for him it would be the traditional one or maybe if he was lucky two lightsabers. But wait, apparently there was another option that the teacher explained to him. Some Jedi wielded a sword called a Jedi Katana. It was rare to do so, but that completely slipped Jake's mind as he contemplated the advantages. The sword was heavier than a lightsaber certainly, but with weight came power, and that appealed to Jake quite a bit. There were very few weapons that handled like a lightsaber anyways, and the Katana would give him a secondary option to fall back on if, heaven forbid, he ever lost his lightsaber or needed something other than one to use. Besides, Jake thought a Katana was pretty kriffing cool.

RP Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Spawn (bio not finished)   Tue Mar 15, 2011 4:42 pm

Placeholder for when i'm done my bio. Please don't grade it until I am done, though.
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PostSubject: Re: Spawn (bio not finished)   Tue Mar 15, 2011 4:53 pm

Didn't I say your character would be set at 4th level?

You say it is the good cause that hallows even war? I tell you: it is the good war that hallows any cause.

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PostSubject: Re: Spawn (bio not finished)   Tue Mar 15, 2011 4:54 pm

Thought you said 5th? In any case, wait for me to finish my bio and we can decide then.
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PostSubject: Re: Spawn (bio not finished)   

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Spawn (bio not finished)
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