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3, 639 BBY / 14 ATC - The Sith Empire and Galactic Republic are engaged in a furious cold war 14 years after the Treaty of Coruscant. How will you affect the galaxy?
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 Rush for the spy

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Irina Vaax
Republic Trooper
Republic Trooper

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PostSubject: Re: Rush for the spy   Thu May 12, 2011 1:50 am

The landing pad lurched and with a hiss the last barrier between Irina and her mission began lowering to the floor. Sunlight unfurled over Juno Squad as they began falling out into the surrounding forest, moving quickly and efficiently to ensure the security of their landing zone. Irina watched from the ramp until a chorus of "all clear"s were coming over her headset.

Mason watched the Republic commandos with mild interest, his hands resting near - but not quite on - his own weapons. "Right, then. Now that we got down to the planet all peacefully and the like, how are you planning on succeeding where the Empire failed?" he asked. "How are we gonna locate this guy?"

Irina took up pace beside Mason and thought for a moment about how to answer. "The Republic has a few contingency plans that we will use to find our man." She stopped walking and turned to face Mason. "One of my women has already deployed the necessary tech. We've marked the location of activation and we've already determined where we need to go." She tapped her visor, and a small nav arrow appeared in the corner of the hololens. "I'm afraid that's all I can really tell you about," she finished simply and continued walking towards the woods. With a signal of her hand Juno began to push forward into the foliage.

Mason stared after her for a few seconds before shaking his head. Soldiers... he thought and began following behind the women.
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Darth Nyx
Sith Infiltrator
Sith Infiltrator

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PostSubject: Re: Rush for the spy   Tue May 31, 2011 8:38 pm

Recon speeders glided silently along the silvery serpentine of the river, slowing down ever so often when imperials had to verify their location or investigate anything Silvia deemed suspicious. Spurred by their commander’s diligence the squad stayed on high alert, albeit all this has been for naught as not a single trace of the fugitive could be found. That’s not really surprising, Silvia thought to herself, if she ever found herself in a situation like this, she too would try to lay low for as long as possible. It was a dangerous gamble though: there’s no telling how long would it take the rescue team to arrive or if it will be able to infiltrate pas the enemy lines at all.

Agent’s thoughts returned to the comm-message she received some time ago. In all truth, she wasn’t very fond of the idea that a Sith would supervise this whole operation. They didn’t like to take responsibilities for failures, and that meant heads would most definitely roll if things went south. Silvia pursed her lips and turned away from the sight of two soldiers engaged in a friendly (though rather heated) argument. Whatever happened she was determined to keep her head where it belongs – on her shoulders…
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Rush for the spy
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