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 NPC Bio format

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PostSubject: NPC Bio format   Thu Jul 21, 2011 4:07 am

When creating a bio for an NPC, please use the standard bio page format. However, non-Force user and Force-user NPCs must account for a few minor details before they will be approved.

  • An NPC character's maximum level can only be one level below your main character or lower if the creator wishes it to be so.
  • Non-Force user NPCs may have only half as many Combat Perks. Essentially, your NPC's character level is equal to the number of Combat Perks they may have.
  • Force user NPCs must follow a different number set of Force powers allotted:
    Rank 1: 5
    Rank 2: 11
    Rank 3: 15
    Rank 4: 20
    Rank 5: 26
    Rank 6: 31

Please adhere to this minor changes in guidelines and as always, have fun and be creative when making your companion!

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NPC Bio format
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