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3, 639 BBY / 14 ATC - The Sith Empire and Galactic Republic are engaged in a furious cold war 14 years after the Treaty of Coruscant. How will you affect the galaxy?
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PostSubject: FORUM RULES   Fri Feb 18, 2011 11:46 pm

1. Godmodding (i.e. gross exaggeration of the character’s abilities and powers) will not be tolerated. Respect your fellow players and always keep in mind that no character is invincible.

2. ‘Flaming’, ‘site wars’ and other forms of OOC conflict will be stopped with all due harshness.

3. Be respectful to other members. If you have an OOC problem with someone, discuss it via PMs, not where everyone has to see it. If a compromise cannot be reached, call a representative of site administration to solve the dispute.

4. Keep swearing to a minimum. When speaking in-character, strive to use SW equivalents of swearwords. Wookieepedia can provide you with enough obscenities to express your character’s outrage without dropping an actual ‘F-Bomb’.

When speaking out-of-the-character, do not swear at anyone and do not use offensive language. Still, it is allowed to use of phrases like "son of a bitch" as long as they are not directed at another poster.

5. Do not make up history for factions. Each faction has its own history in Star Wars canon and previous events concerning the lager factions may not be created or altered in any way. For example, the shipyards of Sluis Van were destroyed and you may not claim otherwise. On that note, it is not allowed to determine what large-scale actions the opposing faction has or has not taken in-game without permission. Example: one may not claim that the Sith Empire has attacked Planer A and massacred its population unless they actually did it in our storyline or it is confirmed by SW canon.

6. If for some reason you are going to be inactive for a prolonged period of time, try to warn the administration and your fellow players beforehand (if that is possible). No character may be killed without the controlling player’s – or, in extreme cases, the administration’s – permission, if the storyline is stalled due to someone’s long inactivity, the administration will take care of this.

7. Anything created on this site may not be taken and used without the author’s permission. Unauthorized use of another's character (from a different sute) is strictly prohibited as well. Failure to comply may entail different penalties, including a permanent ban.

8. Double-posting is to be avoided whenever possible and is prohibited in RP threads (with very few exceptions that may only be allowed by the administration).

9. As this site is dedicated to role-playing, only literary language should be used. Netspeak, l33t, etc, are prohibited.

10. Players are allowed to create secondary accounts and characters, but be warned – such a characters may not be used to gain an unfair advantage (for instance, he\she is used to deliberately sabotage opposing factions). If this is the case, this character may be killed off and the offending player will not be allowed to create a new one.

11. All pictures used in signatures and avatars must pertain to your character or the site. No pictures of "lolcats" or other pop culture references / internet memes.
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