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3, 639 BBY / 14 ATC - The Sith Empire and Galactic Republic are engaged in a furious cold war 14 years after the Treaty of Coruscant. How will you affect the galaxy?
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 Sith Empire NPC (for Backroom Politics campaign) - Marius Vorenus

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PostSubject: Sith Empire NPC (for Backroom Politics campaign) - Marius Vorenus   Wed Nov 02, 2011 11:24 pm

Name: Marius Vorenus

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Height: 1,8 m

Weight: 77 kg

Homeworld: Dromund Kaas


Personality: Marius has a long-standing reputation of professionalism and efficiency among his peers in the Ministry of Intelligence, and he strives to live up to that reputation. Level-headed, reasonable and, in most cases, expressly polite he will nonetheless do whatever is necessary to succeed in his mission. Emotion and regrets are irrelevant. Lives – expendable. And although Vorenus does everything possible to prevent excessive collateral damage, he will sacrifice thousands if the Empire orders to do so.

Special Skills: A specialist in covert operations, Marius counts sabotage, diversion, assassination and infiltration as his strong points. He has deep knowledge of demolitions and considers himself – rightfully – to be an excellent marksman.

Ship: XS series light freighter with an added stealth field generator and increased shielding

Current Rank: Cipher

Job Specialization: Imperial Agent

Background: Classified (i.e. I am too lazy to write it now)

Physical Points: Character level 5

Melee Fighter I
--Melee Fighter II
---Melee Fighter III
----Melee Fighter IV

Physical Speed/Stamina I
--Physical Speed/Stamina II
---Physical Speed/Stamina III

Blaster Pistol Accuracy I
--Blaster Pistol Accuracy II
---Blaster Pistol Accuracy III
----Blaster Pistol Accuracy IV

Blaster Rifle Accuracy I
--Blaster Rifle Accuracy II
---Blaster Rifle Accuracy III
----Blaster Rifle Accuracy IV

Sniper Rifle Accuracy I
--Sniper Rifle Accuracy II
---Sniper Rifle Accuracy III
----Sniper Rifle Accuracy IV
-----Sniper Rifle Accuracy V

Combat Perks:
Adrenaline Rush: Ignore the pain from open or closed non-fatal wounds for 15 seconds.

Run 'n Gun: Even while moving around, you maintain lethal accuracy with any two-handed weapons excluding sniper rifles.

Fanatic Devotion: Military indoctrination has opened your eyes to the hypocrisy of the Republic. You can no longer be effected by Affect Mind powers from the Jedi.

Combat Senses: Your ability to see and react to a situation is very nearly classified as Jedi senses.

Custom Wiring: Free time spent tinkering with explosive devices gives you the knowledge of how to really wire explosive charges, increasing the blast radius and concussive force of all explosives by 30%.

You say it is the good cause that hallows even war? I tell you: it is the good war that hallows any cause.

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Sith Empire NPC (for Backroom Politics campaign) - Marius Vorenus
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