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 Viirro the bounty hunter (had a question on something)

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PostSubject: Viirro the bounty hunter (had a question on something)   Mon Feb 27, 2012 4:51 pm

Name: Viirro

*Species: Human

*Gender: Male

*Age: 32

*Height: 5'5

*Weight: 120

*Home World: Hutta

*Appearance: Viirro wears plastisteel armor that was designed after mandalorian armor and designed to fit his body. He gets to always wear his helmet while on a job, not only to keep his identity hidden but to avoid showing his red hair, which is receding. To those that have seen his face he keeps what is left of his red hair in a top knot with long side burns that stop short of becoming a beard, his eyes are an unnatural light green, and the right side of his face is scared from a detonator explosion that nearly claimed his life.

*Personality: Viirro always gets the job done, no matter how vile or wrong it maybe, he hates those who accept bribes and those who try to bribe him. Viirro isn't cruel or cold he just remains professional at all times.

Special Skills:
Viirro specializes in use of heavy artillery/explosives, and despite his small stature he is rumored to be one of the quickest draws and runners in Hutta space.

Weapons: dual blaster pistols, missle/jet pack, a vibroblade built into his right arm guard, a substance thrower on his left arm guard (carbonite and heated plasma settings.) In his ships cargo hold he has a blaster rifle, sniper rifle, and a imperial scattershot blaster (they rarely get used but he has them just incase.)

Ship: "The Dread Maiden" a Mantis IV freighter class ship

*Current Rank: (as in military or what if admin will get back to me that would be awesome)

*Job Specialization (If not a Force-User): Bounty Hunter - Mercenary

*Background: (Must be at least three paragraphs)
Viirro was born on the slime heap planet named after the race of gangsters who controlled it, Hutta. Viirro's father was a lieutenant to a up and coming Hutt named Gal'thos, his father was promised riches and protection for his family if he would serve the Hutt. However, Gal'thos never rose to power instead his forces were crushed by Faathra the Hutt, another up and coming crime boss on Hutta. All of the officers to Gal'thos were executed and their bodies put on display, this included Viirro's father. This traumatized the young Viirro, who was 6 at the time, and like most young children viewed his father as immortal, but it also gave him purpose, revenge.

When Viirro was a 18 he took a job working for Nem'ro the Hutta, the crimeboss of Hutta. The job wasn't simple, Viirro was supposed to put down a slave uprising leader, but the Viirro took the job without hesitation he needed the credits to pay for his mother's medical bills which stemmed from her use of Death Sticks. Viirro took up his father's old armor and set off, hoping to bring in his Target alive as opposed to the messier beheadment that was needed for a dead bounty, however the bounty was the same dead or a live. Upon arriving at the shoddy encampment Viirro was attacked by three slaves two carrying shovels and one with a blaster pistol (which he assumed he took off of a dead thug or stole from his previous master.) Either way Viirro drew his dual blasters and opened fire quickly dispatching the twi'liek with the blaster and one of the humans with a shovel. This however, didn't halt the final man's charge so Viirro holstered his blasters and drew his vibroblade, he quickly dispatched the man as he approached with the blade. After that short confrontation Viirro met his mark, which turned out to be a man working for Faathra, also the man who executed his father over a decade ago. This caused Viirro to slip into a rage, he beat the man senseless and sliced his head off, he brought the head to Nem'ro, who was impressed by his work and promptly offered him a more permanent position as one of his guards.

At the age of 25 had Viirro served Nem'ro faithfully and quickly rose to the rank of enforcer because of his brutal effectiveness in combat. Viirro grew to admire the Mandalorians and adopted their code as his own, seeking honor and a challenge in battle. He saved all of the credits he earned and purchased his own starship, armor, and weapons. This caused Nem'ro to grow worried that Viirro was going to start his crime syndicate, he placed a bounty on his loyal enforcers head. However, Viirro slaughtered all of the hunters that the Hutt sent and eventually Viirro left Hutta and started his successful career as a bounty hunter, serving both republic and empire, if the price is right.

*Physical Points:
physical speed/stamina
Blaster pistol accuracy

*Combat Perks / Force Powers:
Intense training
Gunslinger (if available if not Space Cowboy)
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Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter

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PostSubject: Re: Viirro the bounty hunter (had a question on something)   Sun Mar 04, 2012 2:17 am

I'm afraid the forum isn't very active atm, and you still need to fix your power points too.
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Viirro the bounty hunter (had a question on something)
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