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3, 639 BBY / 14 ATC - The Sith Empire and Galactic Republic are engaged in a furious cold war 14 years after the Treaty of Coruscant. How will you affect the galaxy?
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 Darth Corvus - Sith Empire

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Darth Corvus
Sith High Lord
Sith High Lord

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PostSubject: Darth Corvus - Sith Empire   Mon Feb 21, 2011 12:41 pm

Name: Darth Corvus (Birth name: Titus Draco)

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 52

Height: 1,86 m

Weight: 79 kg

Home World: Dromund Kaas

Appearance: At first glance, Darth Corvus appears to be a man in his early-mid forties, although his physical fitness by far exceeds that of ordinary humans in his age – which is not at all surprising, given the harsh regime of training all Sith go through. He has somewhat elongated face with regular features, icy blue eyes and a straight nose, typical for natives of Dromund Kaas. Corvus proudly wears a finely-trimmed grizzled beard and short whiskers, but other than that there is little to no hair to speak of.

Personality: Loyal and patriotic, almost fanatically so, Darth Corvus cares deeply about his people and sees power as nothing but a tool that should be used to bring about the Emperor’s vision to fruition. And to accomplish this noble goal, he is willing to use whatever means necessary, be it advancing new reforms, against the will of the rest of the Dark Council if need be, orchestrating an assassination of a particularly bothersome political opponent or ordering a ‘purge’ of undesirable social elements.

While not outright xenophobic, Corvus does look down on most alien species (excluding near-humans) and believes that Mankind must rule the Galaxy as a dominant race for the greater benefit of all. But even his fellow humans are not secure from the Sith Lord’s scorn if they proves themselves unworthy in his eyes. Darth Corvus’ respect and favour are hard to win, as is his hatred which is reserved only for the strongest and most cunning of enemies, whom he would grudgingly accept as his equals. Contempt, however, is a currency he spends freely.

When communicating with others, Darth Corvus always carries himself in a manner of aristocratic authority, never debasing himself by actions or words he would consider to be dishonourable (like breaking an oath for example). He is highly cultured and has great love for classical music and dramaturgy.

Special Skills: Darth Corvus’ most potent skill – apart from his undeniably strong connection to the Force and the Dark Side – is his ability to inspire loyalty and rally huge masses of people to his cause. Charismatic and determined, he is known as an ardent and eloquent orator.

Secondly, Corvus is well familiarized with the art of war and is competent enough to command fleets and armies of the Sith Empire if the situation demands it. He is an experienced duelist as well – no Sith would last long without these skills – but prefers not to enter personal combat unless there is no other choice.

The Sith Lord fluently speaks Galactic Basic, Ancient Sithese and Huttese (albeit he considers the latter to be a vulgar language and as such rarely condescend to using it) and can understand some other languages including Rodese and Ryl (of course it is still hard for him to read the Twi’leks’ subtle body language). Owing to this and his education, Darth Corvus navigates through the upper classes of most societies with ease.

Weapons: Sith Sword dubbed ‘Lex Fati’ (resembles real-world German longsword in form and characteristics), a single lightsaber with slightly curved hilt and a traditional crimson blade. However Corvus always believed that intelligence alone is his greatest weapons.

Ship: Imperial Dreadnaught ‘Dies Irae’

Current Rank: Sith High Lord (character level 7)

Force Powers:
Morichro: Breathe in any environment.
-->Trained Morichro: Suspend the need for food, water, lowering heart rate on self for several days (air for several hours). You seem dead. (3)

Force Stealth: Disguises your face.(2)
-->Trained Stealth: Disguises your body and removes Force presence. (3)
---->Palpatine's Cloak: Allows your Force sensitivity to be concealed regardless to sense abilities, cannot be penetrated unless you use the Force. (5)

Absorb Energy: Allows you to dissipate one or two blaster shots.
-->Trained Absorb Energy: Allows you to dissipate five or six blaster shots or Force lightning.

Force Barrier: Protects yourself for 3-5 seconds from attacks.
-->Trained Force Barrier: Protects yourself for 5-10 seconds from attacks. (2)
---->Proficient Force Barrier: A small protective bubble surrounds a group for 20-30 seconds. (4)

Drain Life: Drain some of another's life force and leaves target weakened. (2)
-->Trained Drain Life: Drain a living being's life force to replenish your own, must be touching, can be lethal. (4)

Force Lightning: Can cast a single bolt of potentially lethal lightning.
-->Trained Lightning: Multiple bolts of lethal dark side tainted lightning at one target. (2)
---->Proficient Lightning: Multiple bolts of lethal dark side tainted lightning at up to three targets. (4)
------>Mastered Lightning: Multiple bolts of potentially lethal dark side tainted lightning at up to five targets. (5)

Force Heal: Can heal yourself from basic injuries or go into a healing trance.

Necromancy: You can bring back dead non-sentients. Note: if wounded, must have and use appropriate healing powers to make revival permanent. All powers in this branch require time,energy, and Mod approval. (2)
-->Trained Necromancy: You can bring back dead non-Force user sentients. (4)

Create Force Wraith: You can summon Force Wraiths to do your bidding. Requires Necromancy (7)

Affect Mind: The power of suggestion on an individual.
-->Trained Affect Mind: The power of suggestion on a small group. (3)
---->Proficient Affect Mind: Can overwhelm someone's decision making for a short time. (4)

Sense Life: Can detect the presence of people around you.
-->Trained Sense Life: You can track an individual through the Force within a city, must first be familiar with their presence. (2)
---->Proficient Sense Life: You see if someone has Force-potential unless they are employing Palpatine's Cloak. (5)

Fury: Places you in a fury that increases your attack strength at a small expense to your defense.

Force Illusion: Can only show objects and limited images. Requires Affect Mind. (2)
-->Trained Illusion: Can show larger, more complex images. (4)

Beast Control: The temporary control of docile animals.
-->Trained Beast Control: The temporary control of all animals, docile and hostile. (3)

Battlemind: Increases your combat prowess, focus, and stamina. (2)
-->Trained Battlemind: Increases your defense against Force-based attacks. (3)

Force Fear: Causes your nearby enemies to fear and tremble, weakens resolve and courage. (2)

Force Darkness: Draws darkness around you, concealing you. Works best in darker areas. (2)
-->Trained Darkness: You can expand the darkness around you within a 5 meter radius. (3)

Battle Meditation*: Increases allies efficiency x2 on a small scale such as a single ship or small group of soldiers. Requires Affect Mind.
-->Trained Battle Meditation*: Increases allies efficiency x2 for a few ships or company sized army. Cannot be used while fighting personally.
---->Proficient Battle Meditation*: Increases allies efficiency x3 on a small fleet or battalion sized army.
------>Mastered Battle Mediation*: Increases allies efficiency x5 on a large fleet or army.

Commune: If you die, you may still communicate with the living though you may not use any Force powers/abilities. (3)
-->Transcend Death: Though your body may die, you spirit will not. You are not affected by the physical and can still use the Force. (5)

Dark Incantation: Revives the dead with healed injuries. Requires time, energy, and Mod approval. (7)

Malevolent: Increases the effectiveness of Force Fear.
Battery: Increases the effectiveness of Drain Life and Absorb Energy.

Background: The man who was destined to become Darth Corvus, High Lord of the Sith and the de facto leader of the Sith Empire, was born on Dromund Kaas ten years prior to the beginning of the Great Galactic War. Even though he was the firstborn child of two prominent Sith Masters, young Titus Draco – that is his worldly name – learned very quickly that no matter how impressive his heritage may be, power and greatness will not simply fall from the sky. He had to fight and struggle, to prove himself worthy of his parents’ expectations and his own ambitions time and again. This pragmatic outlook helped Titus greatly in the future. Later his younger sister Aurelia, who was born four years after Titus himself, learned and accepted her brother’s views and together they formed a formidable alliance, taking their place among the most promising Sith apprentices.

When the resurgent Sith Empire finally revealed itself to the Galaxy in a violent display of military might, Draco, still too young to fight, could nothing but rapturously observe the Empire’s lightning-fast offensive. After the glorious victory in the Battle of Korriban, its infamous Sith Academy was quickly reestablished and Titus along with his sister were transferred there to resume training. It was only seven years later when he, now a fully-fledged Sith named Darth Corvus, finally fulfilled his dream and joined the Great War that was still raging. Even though he has chosen to follow the more subtle path of Sith Inquisitor, Corvus’ affinity for tactics, quick analytic mind and personal bravery earned him respect of many Imperial officers and common soldiers alike. The ability to use an ancient and incredibly rare power of Battle Meditation only served to consolidate his position.

Meanwhile the war continued on as did Darth Corvus’ service to the Sith Empire. He was reunited with his sister and the pair cut a bloody swathe through the Outer Rim. While Corvus provided plans and schemes, commanding troops and making sure they work in perfect unison like cogs in a well-oiled machine, Aurelia was a peerless warrior whose very presence on the frontline was enough to inspire the troops. Such life, glorious as it was, denied Corvus many things others took for granted. For instance it was hard if not impossible to have a family of his own, although Aurelia gave birth to a daughter and the future Sith Lord loved (and still loves) his niece dearly.

Aurelia returned to active duty as soon as she was able to fight again, ignoring her brother’s exhortations. The war against the Galactic Republic was entering its final stages, and even though the Sith still held the upper hand, their advance was slowed down. During a prolonged campaign to break Republican defenses in the Mid Rim Aurelia perished, leaving her young daughter orphaned. This was a huge loss for Darth Corvus and in many ways it shaped his later actions. Until that moment the Jedi were just ideological and religious enemies, but now Corvus had a personal motive to wreak vengeance upon them. He became utterly ruthless, insensitive to collateral damage his troops might have caused. If earlier he preferred to spare a civilian target and find another way to eliminate Republican troops entrenched nearby, now he could order to raze an entire city along with its garrison and all inhabitants.

Of course Titus could not abandon his niece to the mercy of fate and readily adopted the young girl soon after her mother’s death. He may not have been the best substitute for a father she never knew, but as soon as the girl became old enough, Darth Corvus took her as his only apprentice.

To his great dissatisfaction, Corvus was unable to participate in the Sacking of Coruscant that marked the grand finale of the war due to serious injuries he sustained some month prior to this battle. However as the Treaty of Coruscant was signed and the victorious Sith Empire began replenishing its resources, Darth Corvus has chosen to end his military carrier and enter politics. His exploits during the Great War have earned the future Sith Lord a solid powerbase and a number of friends in the highest echelons of Imperial government, and his ardent oratory, which he practiced many times during the war when addressing troops, helped him to win the sympathies of the commoners. For the next decade Darth Corvus was engaged in a dangerous game of political intrigues that allowed him to attain a seat on the Dark Council in 3645 BBY and later (in 3642 BBY) become its head, gaining the titular rank of High Lord. Since the moment Corvus secured supreme political power in Sith Empire he saw to several major economic- and social-orientated campaigns aimed at expansion of industrial production, infrastructure improvement on recently-conquered worlds and strengthening the population’s devotion to the Empire.
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Darth Corvus - Sith Empire
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