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 Conrad Falke - Sith Empire

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Conrad Falke
Imperial Commando
Imperial Commando

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PostSubject: Conrad Falke - Sith Empire   Sun Jul 24, 2011 4:13 pm

Name: Conrad Falke

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 41

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 90 kg

Home World: Dromund Kaas

Appearance: An imposing, well-built man, Conrad Falke carries an unmistakable air of a military officer. The scars that cover his face serve as a reminder of Conrad’s life-long carrier in the army and – in the Colonel’s own opinion – are worth far more than all his medals put together. Once dark brown, his hair is already touched with enough grey. Most prominent, of course, is a bionic implant that replaced Falke’s own left eye lost during the Great Galactic War.

Personality: In his many years of service in the military Conrad has been shaped into a perfect soldier of the Sith Empire. He respects determination, bravery, loyalty to the state even in the face of personal danger. Discipline and order are his watchwords, and Falke always strives to follow those virtues in his life, whether he is currently on active duty or no. However he also understands the value of personal initiative and will sometimes go as far as to deviate from exact orders if he is absolutely sure it will be beneficial for the mission itself.

Special Skills: Well acquainted with many weapon types, Conrad is also an experienced tactician and at times of need can inspire his men to fight on against seemingly impossible odds, usually by example rather than words. During his service in the Special Ops, Falke picked up some additional techniques, knowledge of how to properly prepare and set demolition charges and basic driving skills among them.

Ship: No personal ship

Current Rank: Colonel of the Imperial Special Forces

Job Specialization: Imperial Commando

Background: Just like most other boys born in the midst of the Great War, Conrad Falke found himself bombarded by Imperial propaganda literally from infancy. His own father, Gerhard Falke, served in the Navy and was even able to attain the rank of Captain within several years. Naturally, it was Gerhard’s wish to see his son following his footsteps, albeit young Conrad had slightly different ideas. Enticed by the truly epic, even if somewhat politicized and biased, war holofilms – ‘They fought for the Empire’ was his all-time favourite – Falke dreamt of joining the Army, of fighting the enemy head-on. After some deliberation, his father relented and helped Conrad to enlist in the Military Academy of Dromund Kaas. And after seven years of harsh and thorough training, he was given the rank of Lieutenant and sent to the frontline.

Falke’s first battle took place on the world Maldra IV and immediately showed the young officer just how ugly the war can become. His unit was given orders to advance on the left flank of the Republic Army, but they met heavy resistance and soon enough found themselves pinned down. To make matters worse, constant artillery bombardment made any attempt to renew the attack neigh impossible. Facing such dire odds, Conrad located his superior officer and asked for his permission to perform an incredibly risky maneuver. His plan was to take a full platoon and lead them through the nearby swamps to flank enemy formations. It was a dangerous idea, but Imperials lacked the means to advance otherwise, so the Captain gave his permission.

With little time to lose, Conrad gathered his men and proceeded with his plan. The march saw almost a quarter of his men lost in the marshes, yet they were able to bypass the Republic’s frontline and attack an unsuspecting battery that has been hammering Imperial positions for the past two days. Caught by surprise, Republican soldiers offered little resistance, and Falke’s platoon managed to secure a defensive position, which they held against insistent counterattacks for almost five hours before their comrades were able to break through and relieve them.

These actions earned Conrad his first military award and acknowledgment from his superiors. An astonishing success for a green officer indeed, it also was one of the reasons for Falke’s frequent assignments to the most problematic sectors of the front. And yet not only was he able to survive, but often went above and beyond the call of duty, exceeding the HQ’s expectations again and again. A combination of tactical ingenuity, weapon expertise and personal valour allowed Falke to rise through the ranks of the Imperial Army as quickly as one could expect.

He had an entire battalion under his command during the Battle of Alderaan and retained the rank of Major. Ordered to secure the right flank of Darth Malgus’ advancing vanguard, Falke’s unit was hit hard by a Republican ambush. However the battle-hardened officer personally led his men in a ruthless counter-charge, and in a bloody skirmish that ensued managed to repel the initial attack, routing Republican forces. He also knew full well that this could not be a random attack – it was too well planned and executed. Thus Falke took a decision to gather a half of his surviving forces and advance towards Darth Malgus’ troops in order to reinforce them if needed.

Upon arrival they found only the remains of vanguard units and were left with no choice but to engage superior enemy forces, allowing their battered comrades to fall back. But the battle itself was already lost, Conrad recognized that, and soon enough initiated a withdrawal of his battalion. Falke’s soldiers fought bravely, despite the grave situation they were facing, and retreated in an orderly fashion, battling Republican troops at every turn. Unfortunately the Major himself was seriously wounded. A stray mortar shell exploded too close, as a result: concussion, several broken bones, uncountable shrapnel wounds and a lost eye.

Conrad awoke a day later in the med bay of the Imperial Dreadnaught ‘Relentless’. His first action was to demand to expedite the course of treatment as much as possible. He wanted to return to the frontlines as soon as possible, to burn away the stigma of defeat in the heat of battle. And his wish has been granted – for his excellent performance, Conrad Falke has been promoted to the rank of Colonel and transferred under the command of Sith Lord Darth Corvus.

Last years of the Great War saw several bloody campaigns in the Mid Rim. As always, Falke proved himself to be an experienced, shrewd commander who never turned down an opportunity to participate in combat personally. He was among those, who stormed the Galactic Senate during the Battle of Coruscant. A fact that Conrad is immensely proud of, he even took a charred piece of duracrete that once belonged in the Rotunda’s wall as a ‘memento’.

With the war over, Conrad returned to Dromund Kaas where he joined his old Academy, this time as one of the instructors. However his skills and experience were too valuable to be wasted so, therefore the Empire called upon her loyal son once again. After a short explanation of the volatile political situation in the Galaxy, Colonel Falke was given an offer he could never refuse – to join Imperial Special Ops and fight for the Emperor, just as he did for almost a decade. Naturally, Conrad agreed and after yet another extensive training course joined task force ‘Griffin’ - an elite Special Forces unit tasked with the most dangerous and risky operation the Dark Council has to offer.

Physical Points:

Melee Fighter I
--Melee Fighter II
---Melee Fighter III
----Melee Fighter IV
-----Melee Fighter V

Physical Speed/Stamina I
--Physical Speed/Stamina II
---Physical Speed/Stamina III
----Physical Speed/Stamina IV
-----Physical Speed/Stamina V

Blaster Pistol Accuracy I
--Blaster Pistol Accuracy II
---Blaster Pistol Accuracy III
----Blaster Pistol Accuracy IV

Blaster Rifle Accuracy I
--Blaster Rifle Accuracy II
---Blaster Rifle Accuracy III
----Blaster Rifle Accuracy IV
-----Blaster Rifle Accuracy V

Sniper Rifle Accuracy I
--Sniper Rifle Accuracy II
---Sniper Rifle Accuracy III
----Sniper Rifle Accuracy IV
-----Sniper Rifle Accuracy V

Missile/Grenade Launcher Accuracy I
--Missile/Grenade Launcher Accuracy II
---Missile/Grenade Launcher Accuracy III
----Missile/Grenade Launcher Accuracy IV
-----Missile/Grenade Launcher Accuracy V

Combat Perks / Force Powers:

Adrenaline Rush: Ignore the pain from open or closed non-fatal wounds for 15 seconds.

Intense Training: Add one extra physical power point to your total. This perk can be taken as many times as desired. (x1)

Iron Shoulder: Portable missile launchers and sniper rifles can be fired from a standing position.
-->Steel Shoulder: Portable missile launchers and sniper rifles can be fired while moving.

Run 'n Gun: Even while moving around, you maintain lethal accuracy with any two-handed weapons excluding sniper rifles.

Fanatic Devotion: Military indoctrination has opened your eyes to the hypocrisy of the Republic. You can no longer be effected by Affect Mind powers from the Jedi.

Shotgun Surgeon: Even with the most notorious of scatterguns, you can fire with impressive accuracy when needed.

Space Cowboy: Your ability to draw your pistol quickly is magnificent, your pistol can be freed from its holster, brought to hip-level and fired faster than any opponent (who doesn't have this perk) can fully draw any weapon.

Combat Senses: Your ability to see and react to a situation is very nearly classified as Jedi senses.

Fireproof: Heat based weapons and explosives are less effective against you. You are more likely to survive direct and near-direct explosions.

Strong Back: Carry two two-handed weapons and a blaster pistol into battle instead of one.

Hard Head: Even the most ferocious of blows will somehow fail to render you unconscious.

Custom Wiring: Free time spent tinkering with explosive devices gives you the knowledge of how to really wire explosive charges, increasing the blast radius and concussive force of all explosives by 30%.

Conquering Hero: The Empire's recent victory has left you inspired and motivated beyond ordinary soldiers. You will not suffer any demoralization from the Jedi Battle Meditation.
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PostSubject: Re: Conrad Falke - Sith Empire   Mon Jul 25, 2011 2:31 am

Quick look over seems all good.
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Conrad Falke - Sith Empire
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