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 Kolban Massani - Mercenary

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Mercenary Warlord

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PostSubject: Kolban Massani - Mercenary   Tue Mar 29, 2011 12:50 am

*Name: Kolban Massani

*Species: Human

*Gender: Male

*Age: 41

*Height: 6' 1''

*Weight: 191 lbs

*Home World: Hutta

*Appearance: Kolban may look like he is aging, but many of the lines that cross his face are battle scars won from a lifetime spent fighting, stealing, smuggling and killing for just about every reason in the galaxy. One of the most pronounced scars runs in a crescent moon shape around his right eye, relic of an entanglement within the arena that left him blind in that eye. Much of his torso is covered with tattoos, visible on the exposed portion of his right arm.

*Personality: Unpredictable and dangerous, Kolban grew up in a society where everyone made, changed and broke the rules on a whim. His personality clearly reflects this upbringing. He is just as likely to shoot you as to shake your hand if he has any reason to do so. His wild ruthlessness has led to his quick advancement through Cartel ranks and has earned him respect and even fear from the Hutts.

Special Skills:
- Experienced thief
- Extensive combat experience against Force-Users
- Languages (in order learned): Huttese, Basic, Bocce, Rodese, Dosh, Mando'a (limited understanding)
- Veteran commander
- Indomitable will - unparalleled resistance to mind-altering Force techniques

Ship: D-5 Mantis Patrol Craft; Unnamed

*Current Rank: Hutt Consigliere

*Job Specialization: Warlord

*Background: Born on the Hutt "capital world", Kolban Massani's only life choices were whether his future lied off-world, in criminal activities, or six feet under. Thievery was the mode of survival for the underclass that Kolban was part of, and he staved off starvation using his own cunning and indomitable will to live. The skills necessary for street living - fighting, stealing and sneaking - were indoctrinated into his mind until he was seven years old, when Kolban united a number of the other street kids into a small gang that relied on each other for survival.

As the gang founder and leader, Kolban was pushed to be the strongest and most devious of all his subordinates, a requirement that he excelled at. With years came more daring raids and attacks until the Street Rats gang managed to stake its own claim in Hutta's sprawling capital city. But as with every other item in Hutta, the land they claimed really belonged to the Cartel and it was only a matter of time before that fact had to be relayed to the Street Rats. Kolban and his gang were hauled in to see the Nem'ro the Hutt and given an offer they couldn't refuse.

The newly annexed gang ran a number of petty, yet bloody missions for the Hutt until they were made full members and hired out to off-world missions. In between missions, they received numerous training simulations from the Cartel - each designed to hone the men into the ultimate in terms of a human weapons. Kolban in particular was a master, a "goddamn prodigy", according to his overseers. Kolban's brutal leadership and the gang's deadly efficiency kept them in never-ceasing demand and practically swimming in the blood of their targets, some of which were even Force-users. Not that all missions involved combat, however, as the gang was also called on numerous smuggling jobs and even advisory roles during their active years.

Kolban's "personal downfall", as he calls it, occurred during a particularly dangerous mission into Sith space to assassinate a troublesome Sith Lord for the Republic during the closing years of the war. As a group of enthusiastically violent 23 year olds, their plans were uncovered by Imperial agents and Kolban's men were wiped out in an Imperial counter-ambush. Kolban alone managed to escape back to Hutta and upon receiving the news of his failure, Nem'ro sentenced Kolban to death in the Arena. Forced to face waves of the most deadly of creatures armed with nothing but a low powered holdout blaster, Kolban certainly seemed to be doomed. But after his many years of surviving, no, thriving on the deadliest battlefields in a galaxy where one could always make their own rules, a primal instinct came over Kolban's mind. He fought the opposing beasts like a complete animal, tearing into them in ways that stunned and captivated even Nem'ro the Hutt himself. When Kolban finally blasted his way through his final opposition, complete silence reigned for a full minute. Suddenly an explosion of noise emanated from Kolizey Arena; the cheers of the crowd mixing with Nem'ro's booming laugh and Kolban's animal roars of victory. Every year on the same day, Kolban still enlists in the an arena match against the same odds, armed with the very same blaster that he was first issued.

Fully reinstated (and them some) by Nem'ro in the aftermath of his arena victory, Kolban garnered an well-deserved reputation as one of the deadliest and most efficient mercenary officers in the galaxy. With each successful skill came more galactic prestige, and with every challenge and defeat of his superior officers came Cartel rank. Upon the assassination of the previous Hutt Consigliere [Adviser], Kolban was finally made into a full Hutt Warlord and Consigliere, and was given official command of all mercenary activities and regulations undertaken by the Cartel. His command has led the Cartel to some of its highest profits in history.

*Combat Perks / Force Powers:
Melee Fighter I
--Melee Fighter II
---Melee Fighter III
----Melee Fighter IV
-----Melee Fighter V

Physical Speed/Stamina I
--Physical Speed/Stamina II
---Physical Speed/Stamina III
----Physical Speed/Stamina IV
-----Physical Speed/Stamina V

Blaster Pistol Accuracy I
--Blaster Pistol Accuracy II
---Blaster Pistol Accuracy III
----Blaster Pistol Accuracy IV
-----Blaster Pistol Accuracy V

Blaster Rifle Accuracy I
--Blaster Rifle Accuracy II
---Blaster Rifle Accuracy III
----Blaster Rifle Accuracy IV
-----Blaster Rifle Accuracy V

Sniper Rifle Accuracy I
--Sniper Rifle Accuracy II
---Sniper Rifle Accuracy III
----Sniper Rifle Accuracy IV
-----Sniper Rifle Accuracy V

Missile/Grenade Launcher Accuracy I
--Missile/Grenade Launcher Accuracy II
---Missile/Grenade Launcher Accuracy III
----Missile/Grenade Launcher Accuracy IV

Adrenaline Rush: Ignore the pain from open or closed non-fatal wounds for 15 seconds.

Iron Shoulder: Portable missile launchers and sniper rifles can be fired from a standing position.
-->Steel Shoulder: Portable missile launchers and sniper rifles can be fired while moving.

Run 'n Gun: Even while moving around, you maintain lethal accuracy with any two-handed weapons excluding sniper rifles.

Space Cowboy/girl: Your ability to draw your pistol quickly is magnificent, your pistol can be freed from its holster, brought to hip-level and fired faster than any opponent (who doesn't have this perk) can fully draw any weapon.
-->Gunslinger: Your ability to draw your pistol quickly is legendary, your pistol can be freed from its holster, brought to hip-level and fired faster than a Jedi (up to level 4) can draw their lightsaber.

Combat Senses: Your ability to see and react to a situation is very nearly classified as Jedi senses.

Fireproof: Heat based weapons and explosives are less effective against you. You are more likely to survive direct and near-direct explosions.

Strong Back: Carry two two-handed weapons and a blaster pistol into battle instead of one.

Criminal Conviction: "Your mind tricks won't work on me, boy!" (c) Your mind can not be effected by Affect Mind powers.

Hard Head: Even the most ferocious of blows will somehow fail to render you unconscious.

Custom Wiring: Free time spent tinkering with explosive devices gives you the knowledge of how to really wire explosive charges, increasing the blast radius and concussive force of all explosives by 30%.

Shotgun Surgeon: Even with the most notorious of scatterguns, you can fire with impressive accuracy when needed.

Intense Training (x1): Add one extra physical power point to your total.


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Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter

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PostSubject: Re: Kolban Massani - Mercenary   Tue Mar 29, 2011 8:27 pm

The one problem I have with this is his arena battle. He is not a jetii, does not use the force, so how can he fend of so many people? He has no formal training, and many instructors will tell you being smart and clever is not even remotely close to being good with a sword. He is at this time only 23 years old, at this point in time he would be a formally trained Jedi Knight who might not even be able to do the same. If you remember, Anakin was about the same age when he fought at geonosis, he was the chosen one, and he had another Jedi helping him. Yet he still had trouble fighting properly against creatures like that. I rather doubt Kolban could have done the same and survived. Suggest you mention some extensive training once he got into the hutts to remedy that (Hint: throw in words like 'good', 'master', 'prodigy' etc Razz). Also if he fought against a Sith Lord or other force users like you mention in his skills, you need to show that in your bio, because it is even harder to kill a Sith Lord then a bunch of deadly creatures. Jango Fett and Boba Fett, potentially the two greatest bounty hunters to ever live, had a hard time to do so themselves. The only person I specifically remember being able to hunt them down and kill them was Durge, who was part of an immortal race with generations of training involved. So yeah. Sith Lords = dangerous for non force sensitives.
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Mercenary Warlord
Mercenary Warlord

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PostSubject: Re: Kolban Massani - Mercenary   Wed Mar 30, 2011 2:34 am

The arena battle was meant to be against animals, not humans (I agree I should have specified) and I had meant for it to be a time where the man just gave into animal urges and fought on primal instinct, but I can certainly understand if it was too over-the-top. Would it be more acceptable if I gave him a holdout blaster? The reason being that Jango killed the Reek on Geonosis with a single pistol shot.

As for mentioning Jedi / Sith hunting in my bio, I said that Kolban and his gang were hired on countless missions. I had actually deliberately left that open so that in the future, I could claim experience with situations as they occurred in our RPs. I could add in a phrase that states, "many targets were even Force-users" or something like that. And a note on Jedi hunters there are actually quite a few of them. You may want to check out this link. Smile

I don't have time right now, but I'll get to editing all the issues tomorrow.

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Mercenary Warlord
Mercenary Warlord

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PostSubject: Re: Kolban Massani - Mercenary   Sun Apr 03, 2011 2:13 am

Double post, but necessary.

I made the aforementioned edits, though I still left certain specific details out. I don't believe their absence is any issue, but I'll certainly leave that up to the Bio Moderators to decide.

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PostSubject: Re: Kolban Massani - Mercenary   

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Kolban Massani - Mercenary
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