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 Mercenary NPC - Fey'ira Tal

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PostSubject: Mercenary NPC - Fey'ira Tal   Thu Jul 21, 2011 3:55 am

*Name: Fey’ira Tal, lvl 5

*Species: Togruta

*Gender: Female

*Age: 29

*Height: 5’ 5”

*Weight: 110 lbs

*Homeworld: Hutta

*Appearance: Fey’ira has the red and white skin standard for her race though her arms sport intricate black tattoos of her own design. A well-developed female togruta, Fey’ira is not above a little vanity. Her typical outfits combine usability and protection with attractive styles.

*Personality: Calculating and efficient, Fey’ira has a very levelheaded personality that allows her to complete her jobs in a professional manner no matter what she is contracted to do. Her sole motivation is money and her only loyalty is to Kolban Massani making her one of the more dangerous mercenaries employed by the Cartel.

Special Skills:
* Extremely gifted engineer / mechanic
* Languages (in order learned): Huttese, Basic, Rodese
* Very experienced slicer / programmer

Ship: Davaab-type starfighter, lovingly upgraded and maintained by Fey’ira.

*Current Rank: N/A

*Job Specialization: Bounty Hunter

*Background: Like many children on Hutta, when Fey’ira was born her first lesson learned was that survival depended on the strength of the individual. Her mother had been a bounty hunter and her father a slave driver for the Cartel. When Fey’ira was very young, her mother was killed attempting to capture a Jedi, leaving her daughter in the care of one of the least caring men on Hutta.

Fey’ira’s father allowed her complete freedom to make choices in life, bordering on neglect. But his job and the experience she had while watching him exercise his control over the slaves taught her valuable lessons on the golden rule: survival of the fittest. As she grew, she vowed to never allow herself to be put at the mercy of others and worked tirelessly to hone her body and skills into that of a master assassin, rather than allow her body to atrophy.

Following in her mothers footsteps, Fey’ira became a bounty hunter in the employ of the Cartel. Experience and prestige followed the gifted huntress and her skill was soon noted by the recently famous Kolban Massani following his incredible victory in the Arena. Oftentimes she was enlisted directly by the up-and-coming warlord for dangerous hunts they undertook together and they soon developed a close friendship.

Recently Fey’ira has become something like Kolban’s secret lover, though the official reason for their closeness is that she has been assigned as his full time hunter. Finally, as Kolban’s lover and personal huntress, she has achieved the power she always craved, ensuring that she will never be forced to anyone’s will.

*Physical Points:

Melee Fighter I
--Melee Fighter II
---Melee Fighter III
----Melee Fighter IV

Physical Speed/Stamina I
--Physical Speed/Stamina II
---Physical Speed/Stamina III
----Physical Speed/Stamina IV

Blaster Pistol Accuracy I
--Blaster Pistol Accuracy II
---Blaster Pistol Accuracy III

Sniper Rifle Accuracy I
--Sniper Rifle Accuracy II
---Sniper Rifle Accuracy III
----Sniper Rifle Accuracy IV
-----Sniper Rifle Accuracy V

Blaster Rifle Accuracy I
--Blaster Rifle Accuracy II
---Blaster Rifle Accuracy III
----Blaster Rifle Accuracy IV

*Combat Perks / Force Powers:

Criminal Conviction: "Your mind tricks won't work on me, boy!" (c) Your mind can not be effected by Affect Mind powers.

Combat Senses: Your ability to see and react to a situation is very nearly classified as Jedi senses.

Iron Shoulder: Portable missile launchers and sniper rifles can be fired from a standing position.

Run 'n Gun: Even while moving around, you maintain lethal accuracy with any two-handed weapons excluding sniper rifles.

Hard Head: Even the most ferocious of blows will somehow fail to render you unconscious.

*Image by Aphrodite-NS.
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Mercenary NPC - Fey'ira Tal
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